The Ritrama Group interprets the concept of "ethics" not just as a set of norms and regulations to be followed by a person or a group of people; on the contrary, this is viewed as a modus vivendi, as the ability to combine its business activities with the protection of the interests of all those who cooperate with the Company as well as with the safeguard of the environment and its resources. The goal is to ensure that the fundamental values of the company are clearly identified so that they can be a point of reference when carrying out the activities. This will also allow the creation of a shared vision and culture.

This Code of Ethics is the official document adopted by the Company; it defines the set of principles that the Company both respects and enforces. Considering its pivotal function for the corporate ethics, it shapes the principles and behavioural standards applied within the Company; it also contributes to creating the right conditions for specific policies and procedures to be applied. It represents the Chart of the Rights and the Duties that define the ethical-social responsibility of each one of its members.

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