The Ritrama group is strongly committed to the development of a comprehensive environmental policy, with a particular focus on sustainable, technological innovation in the solutions offered to customers, on the environmental responsibility of production processes, on environmental protection and the management of relations with the communities in which the group operates, as well as on safety at work and the development of personnel.
Ritrama has long recognized the connection between the health of the company and economic, environmental and social factors.
Following these criteria, the company has concentrated its efforts in implementing operational methods which do not have negative impacts on the environment and on people's health with specifically dedicated projects.


• FSC® Chain of Custody - the Ritrama group has been supporting responsible forestry management FSC® principles for many years and believes this approach contributes to the protection of the environment, our society and economy.
• REACH - Regulation, Evaluation, Authorization and Restrictions of Chemicals. The Ritrama group of companies, ever since introduction of this regulation, has participated actively and positively to fulfill REACH requirements.
Ritrama is strongly committed to the protection of the environment.


Ritrama considers environmental protection an essential part of sustainable development in the realization of its industrial projects and it undertakes to integrate this goal into its operations throughout the lifecycle of its facilities and in all the contexts in which it operates:
• Photovoltaic and Solar System for water and floor heating;
• Post combustion recovery system specifically designed to efficiently reclaim volatile solvents to keep atmospheric emissions below the law limits.
• Waste disposal incinerator with a high temperature combustion process to obtain clean power.
Ritrama implements manufacturing policies to safeguard people’s safety.


Ritrama's Code of Ethics clearly defines the values and principles that guide company's activities - both within and outside the company. This ensures that all business activities are conducted in compliance with applicable regulations, in a context of fair competition, honesty, integrity and good faith and in conformity with the legitimate interests of all stakeholders.

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Ritrama has a Code of Ethics that defines norms, behaviour standards and values among workers.
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