Window Graphics

Super clear effect

A series of vinyls and polyester films with a removable adhesive, designed for the aesthetic improvement of exteriors and interiors windows. The materials in the clear version, coated with a super clear adhesive, leave the unprinted area of the film as clear as the window, without the need to cut around the graphics.

Wet application

All the materials of this range can be wet applied for an easier application, thanks to the solvent based acrylic adhesives. The range performs excellent print results with UV, solvent, eco-solvent and Latex ink-jet printing.

Clean removability
All the adhesives have a very high cohesion, so the display can be cleanly peeled off the glass surface without leaving any adhesive residue.

For further information on our Window Graphics product line, please call Customer Service at 800-328-5071 or click here to email us.

Window Graphics

Product Name Adhesive Description Weight Thickness TDS
4-GL2B-10146 CRYSTAL CLING PET 2.0 GLOSS CLEAR AR890 REMOVABLE PET 3.0 Acrylic removable Gloss clear polyester. --g/m² 2mil
4-GL2B-10149 CRYSTAL CLING 4 PET 4.0 GLOSS CLEAR AR890 REMOVABLE PET 3.0 Acrylic removable Gloss clear polyester. --g/m² 4mil
4-GL2D-10156 WINDOW CAL II OPAQUE PP 2.3 GLOSS WHITE AP975 PERMANENT WG50 Acrylic permanent White opaque gloss polypropylene. 57g/m² 2.3mil
4-GL3B-10141 EASY WINDOW AR806 REMOVABLE WKPE90 AIRFLOW Acrylic semi-permanent removable Gloss clear vinyl. 90g/m² 3.5mil
4-GL3B-40175 WINDOW CAL III OPAQUE AP975 PERMANENT WK78 Acrylic permanent Gloss white opaque film. 78g/m² 6mil
4-GL3L-37104 WINDOW CAL III CLEAR AR806 REMOVABLE WKPE90 Acrylic semi-permanent Semi-gloss clear vinyl. 90g/m² 3.5mil
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