Seal & Reseal

Market Segments
Self-adhesive materials are becoming more and more the best choice for the demanding requirements of seal and reseal applications.  They are very common in the food market to maintain product freshness upon opening.  They are also used in the packaging of personal care items like moisturizing and cleansing wipes.

Wet or Dry applications
Whether the final product is at direct contact with wet elements – fragrances or alcohol– such as products for home or personal care or with dry food in the retail market – such as dried fruit or coffee, Ritrama has the right product for you!

Specific Requirements
The Ritrama range contains effective seal-reseal label solutions for all common types of flow wrap substrates. Adhesives may be specifically selected to achieve “soft” or “hard” subjective removability – dependent on the type of flow wrap substrate. Moreover the adhesive of this range is FDA 175.105 compliant for indirect food contact with dry and moist, non-fatty, foodstuffs. Adhesives are available for both low surface energy and high surface energy packaging films.

For further information on our Seal and Reseal product line, please call 800-328-5071 or click here to email us.

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Seal & Reseal

Product Name Adhesive Description Weight Thickness TDS
4-RL2D-07192 RI-7093 2.2 PP GLOSS CLEAR TC AR827C PET1.2 Acrylic removable Gloss clear top coated polypropylene. 53g/m² 2.2mil
4-RL2D-07824 RI-7093-50 PP GLOSS CLEAR TC AR827B 1.2PET Acrylic removable Gloss clear top coated polypropylene. 45g/m² 2mil
4-RL2D-07976 RI-7093-50 PP WHITE CLEAR TC AR827B 1.2PET Acrylic removable Gloss white top coated polypropylene. 48g/m² 2mil
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